The Dead Sea Mob – Debut Show – A Shot Across The Bows


Dates updated – We’ve been extended!!!

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Creature Magazine – The Dead Sea Mob

Me and the boys were asked some questions the other day.

they used my diluted version – the real interview was sick and dirty but they chose not to use it.

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Site Updated – New Work – Fish Dinner

So this is the first of a continuous barrage of updates of new work for the rest of eternity.

This piece is called Fish Dinner and it’s live now on TwistedLoaf.

I personally hate fishing, I understand Fisherman and what they do but I hate idiots that sit on the side of canals in the pissing rain throwing their line in-between a shopping trolley and a couple of used condoms. Then once they catch some poor bastard fish by sticking a hook through it’s face they throw it back in.

This isn’t piece has nothing to do with my views on fishing by the way.

I was just having a rant. Enjoy and please tell me what you think…

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TwistedLoaf Shop on Big Cartel

The TwistedLoaf shop is now Open and ready for business!!

At the moment there are 8 art prints available to buy in the shop.

To celebrate the opening of the TwistedLoaf Shop all prints are discounted for a limited period so get in there and snap up some bargains!

They’ll be worth millions in a couple of years…probably!

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TwistedLoaf on Tumblr

My tumblr page is a place for me collate all the weird and wonderful artwork, films and photos that inspire me and my artwork.

Get involved and follow my twisted ass and get inspired!!

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The Dead Sea Mob

The Dead Sea Mob are circling the shores of the UK plotting where to first launch their full scale attack on the people of Britain.

The Mob is made up of Four seasoned sea dogs;


Drew Millward

Tom J Newell

and Me!!

Keep your eyes peeled and follow them for news!!

and follow the salty sea dogs on Twitter –

All aboard the Good Ship Lollipop for some illustrative madness…

1 Comment is LIVE! ALIVE I TELL YOU!!!!!

Leave a comment is coming is coming and it’s gonna be sick.
Sick as a dog that ate that dead pigeon on the pavement.
Come follow me it’s gonna be a disgustingly beautiful ride.