3am Sketch – Beaten Up

Beaten Up – drawn at 3am Last Night

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The Dead Sea Mob Site is LIVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


After some seriously amazing work by our Stateside Brethren, the sickass Mobsters at Clutter Magazine, working under the guidance of our Chairman Meow and Busta-Move Chee the site is now fully sexy and moving!!

Get involved – Meet the team check out our recent events, read about future ones, peak at pics and but DSM Merchandise from the Store!


Aswell as being able to grab our bang on Logo tees, you can also grab this limited edition Tee by our very own Tom J Noodles – It is a limited edition of 50 so get involved while stocks last!!!

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Computers Art Magazine Feature – The Character Design Revolution

Nice to have a little feature in this month’s Computer Arts Mag in the Character Revolution section on the new breed of Character Designers.Thanks to Nick Carson for including me!

So go out and buy yourself a copy or ten!

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King of Paint in Bristol Presents The Dead Sea Mob – Asylum Harbour

An evening of live art with

Featuring Godmachine, Drew Millward, Tom J Newell & Twistedloaf
and mates of The Mob
Andy Council and Gavin (JamFactory) Strange

In Collaboration with King of Paint and POSCA

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EP Artwork SkyBurnsRed

Hello pop pickers.

So I  recently designed the artwork for a new Rock and Roll band’s EP. They are calling themselves the SkyBurnsRed. Very lovely chaps they are too. The EP is called Madness and Reason which I think refers to constant inner conflict all artists deal with and stuff, right guys?

Anyway there music is great so support a new bunch rock and rollers and go buy the EP.

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The Dead Sea Mob – Dead Reckoning @ The Pure Gallery

So I have been super busy lately and haven’t had a chance to blog up the latest show that The Dead Sea Mob smashed out at The Pure Gallery in Whitley Bay.

Ok so here are the pictures…

…more will follow when The Dead Sea Mob site does live soon!

ok love you bye!!!

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The Dead Sea Mob – Dead Reckoning at The Pure Gallery

Press by The Pure Gallery:

On Thursday The Dead Sea Mob will be dropping anchor at The Pure Gallery. This will be our biggest show to date with around 16 original pieces of works from four of the country’s top illustrators – Godmachine, Drew Millward, Tom Hovey (aka Twisted Loaf) and Tom J Newell. Each of the artists in their own right could single handedly raise the Titantic with their artwork, but together, they could launch the four funnelled ocean liner into orbit.

This is our second group show and it’s gonna be big. If you live up norf get up there and see some sumptuous and filthy art.

A ton of amazing prints for sale on request if you can’t get up there in person.

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Harpooning Whale Babies – Work in Progress

So when I’m inbetween jobs or not drawing up walls and stuff I just draw. I don’t have any idea what or why I just draw and stuff this is one of those, not sure where it’s going but its gonna be lovely or horrible probably.

But as my primary school teacher would say “pay attention you little shit. Get back in your cupboard!! How do you slip out of those chains again…..”

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The Dead Sea Mob – Studio 55DSL – A Shot Across The Bows

So in case you hadn’t heard The Dead Sea Mob have sent out a warning shot across the Seven Seas.

A Shot Across the Bows – It started on Tuesday last week…

there was talk among the mariners and dockworkers that troupe of beastly marauders were gathering in Soho drawing unearthly incarnations on the walls and hanging the most perverse scrolls and prints seen by man…

The word on the decks of most ships is that they consist of four Un-Godly weathered sea bastards going by the names of Godmachine, Drew Millward, Tom J Newell and TwistedLoaf.

All driven mad after being shipwrecked at sea for an age. Since their eventual rescue they have been concocting a plan to gather a gang of like-minded sea dogs to travel the high seas drawing and painting filth, spreading filth and disease wherever they go…

Reports say that their first meeting happened on Thursday 24th March 2011… The details are too full of fear, loathing, bile and disgusting acts of depravity that they would make the Marquis De Sade blush.

Some photographs have come to light… but if you are of a gentle persuasion please take a seat and have a stiff drink in hand whilst viewing the pictures…

Photos – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=207657825912831&aid=58557



The Dead Sea Mob are here and they are here to stay. My advice is to join them or walk the plank into the abyss…

i have heard whispers on the wind that they plan to sail up north next to gorge on souls and destroy whatever livestock gets in their path on the way… look out Whitley Bay.

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The Dead Sea Mob – Featured!

The Dead Sea Mob are featured on the most awesome blog by the girls at Ballad Of…

Check it out!

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