Portrait Painting Project!!!

Hello lovely people.

So as it is the festive period of joy; celebrating turkeys and sprouts, I thought that I would open up the studio and do a portrait project.

So if you want a portrait of yourself or of a loved one (or someone you hate?) then drop me line and send me a good quality photo to tom@tomhovey.co.uk or scream@twistedloaf.com and I will send you the original.

The Price will be:

£40 per painting or £70 for two + Postage and Packing (depending on where you live in the World)

You can pay via Paypal  - scream@twistedloaf.com and I will give you more details once you have emailed the photo.

I am painting all in Acrylic ont A4, 300gsm, 140lb, Canvas Textured Paper.

You can see some of the portraits I have already completed.

I will post all of them on my website after Christmas as to not let the cat out of the bag for all the surprises! Although I will post little sneaky peaks of Works In Progress via Instagram.

SO do something different for Christmas this year, and get something that will last forever…

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