The Dead Sea Mob – Ltd Edition Canvases for Sale!!! 3hrs to go!!

Mega Munden

If you have been living under a rock or you have just been awoken from a deep sleep because you have been traveling back from a Mining ship in Deep Space with an Alien up yer jacksie… then you wouldn’t know that THE DEAD SEA MOB have got the original Canvases up for Auction from The Night Shift Masquerade show in Brighton!


Anyways there is only a few hours left to go and treat yourself to a one of a kind, super original, masterpiece of amazingness by the illustration world’s hippest, hottest, bum ticklingly sexy bearded vaggaonds of the seven seas!!!!

Dan Mumford

There are 5 in total featuring; God Machine, Mega Munden, Drew Millward, Dan Mumford, Harry Draws and Tom J Newell!!

There is only 3 hours of bidding time left so put down your dog and stick your cat back in the toaster and GET SOME!!!!!

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