VnA Magazine Issue 16 feature The Dead Sea Mob

Thursday 8th saw Very nearly Almost magazine taking over Pictures on Walls gallery to launch Issue 16 of their celebrated magazine. Amazingly we were featured in the mag along with a lengthy interview with all the mob apart from (Double) Dan Mumford as he hadn’t finished his probationary month at sea scrubbing the decks of the good ship lollipop in the North Sea. So me, Noodles and Mumford went down POW to hang out with the cool kids and drink some free Orangeboom – which i loved! We spent most of our time there chatting to the Head Honcho at VnA Jeff/Geoff? Who is a bloody right good laugh and a hero.The interview’s amazing cause we said loads of stupid and cool stuff. get the fuck involved and buy one!

Noodles showing of Godmachine’s Piece.

Mutiple Mumford displaying Drew and Noodle’s pieces.

And some sexy bloke beautifully presenting and matching tongues with TwistedLoaf’s piece.

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