Portrait Painting Project!!!

Hello lovely people.

So as it is the festive period of joy; celebrating turkeys and sprouts, I thought that I would open up the studio and do a portrait project.

So if you want a portrait of yourself or of a loved one (or someone you hate?) then drop me line and send me a good quality photo to tom@tomhovey.co.uk or scream@twistedloaf.com and I will send you the original.

The Price will be:

£40 per painting or £70 for two + Postage and Packing (depending on where you live in the World)

You can pay via Paypal  - scream@twistedloaf.com and I will give you more details once you have emailed the photo.

I am painting all in Acrylic ont A4, 300gsm, 140lb, Canvas Textured Paper.

You can see some of the portraits I have already completed.

I will post all of them on my website after Christmas as to not let the cat out of the bag for all the surprises! Although I will post little sneaky peaks of Works In Progress via Instagram.

SO do something different for Christmas this year, and get something that will last forever…

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Sea Sheperd vs The Dead Sea Mob – Charity Canvas Auction


Yo people

last push to drum up some more interest in these amazing limited edition canvases me and my boys The Dead Sea Mob painted live on the HMS Belfast especially for Sea Shepherd to auction off!
They are now for sale and the bids are flying in.
All the proceeds go to Sea Shepherd so support a good cause and get some gorgeous one of a kind artwork!
The pieces Godmachine, Dan Mumford, Pete Fowler, Twisted Loaf & Tom J Noodle did for Sea Shepherd are available to buy on Ebay so hurry up what the fuck are you waiting for!???


There his one day left to grab yourself a true original bargain!!!

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Video from The Dead Sea Mob – The Night Shift Masquerade – Brighton

Check out my boys. I was not on board, but they smashed it to kingdom come!!!

The Dead Sea Mob presents ‘The Night Shift Masquerade’. from Mint Magazine on Vimeo.

Check out the ridiculously good video by Mint Magazine!!!!
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The Dead Sea Mob – Ltd Edition Canvases for Sale!!! 3hrs to go!!


Mega Munden

If you have been living under a rock or you have just been awoken from a deep sleep because you have been traveling back from a Mining ship in Deep Space with an Alien up yer jacksie… then you wouldn’t know that THE DEAD SEA MOB have got the original Canvases up for Auction from The Night Shift Masquerade show in Brighton!


Anyways there is only a few hours left to go and treat yourself to a one of a kind, super original, masterpiece of amazingness by the illustration world’s hippest, hottest, bum ticklingly sexy bearded vaggaonds of the seven seas!!!!

Dan Mumford

There are 5 in total featuring; God Machine, Mega Munden, Drew Millward, Dan Mumford, Harry Draws and Tom J Newell!!

There is only 3 hours of bidding time left so put down your dog and stick your cat back in the toaster and GET SOME!!!!!

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VnA Magazine Issue 16 feature The Dead Sea Mob

Thursday 8th saw Very nearly Almost magazine taking over Pictures on Walls gallery to launch Issue 16 of their celebrated magazine. Amazingly we were featured in the mag along with a lengthy interview with all the mob apart from (Double) Dan Mumford as he hadn’t finished his probationary month at sea scrubbing the decks of the good ship lollipop in the North Sea. So me, Noodles and Mumford went down POW to hang out with the cool kids and drink some free Orangeboom – which i loved! We spent most of our time there chatting to the Head Honcho at VnA Jeff/Geoff? Who is a bloody right good laugh and a hero.The interview’s amazing cause we said loads of stupid and cool stuff. get the fuck involved and buy one!

Noodles showing of Godmachine’s Piece.

Mutiple Mumford displaying Drew and Noodle’s pieces.

And some sexy bloke beautifully presenting and matching tongues with TwistedLoaf’s piece.

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The Dead Sea Mob – The Night Shift Masquerade

The next ridiculously exciting DSM event is almost upon us!

Check out the amazing poster designed by the Mega Munden And the first Lady to draw shoulder to shoulder with the Dead Sea Mob, Miss Harry Draws.


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Some new drawings and painterings…

Here is some things i’ve been sketching for the past week.

Playing with some techniques and ideas, so it’s all a work in process.

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Double Dan Mumford – and then there were 5…

So this week was a pretty moments day in the History of The Dead Sea Mob as we unveiled the first new recruit since our birth last year; The incredibly talented

Dan Mumford

He is a fucking dude, his work is sick, has drawn more lines in his life than you have eaten cooked monkey brains (a lot) and he killed all of his sons, which can only be a great thing.


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An Icelandic Marriage

I was asked by a very dear friend of mine to design her Wedding Invitations and RSVP’s. She is a lady from Brooklyn and he is a dude from some where in Englandia. They are to be wed in Iceland next month. So I took the great Icelandic myth of the Wizard that turned himself into a whale when travelling to Iceland. When he arrived he was met encountered The 4 Gaurdians of Iceland; The Dragon, The Eagle, The Bull and The Rock Giant.  This story is depicted on the invites and I am very happy that they are such an awesome couple that they allowed me free reign to go nuts and be free. I am very sad I cannot make it to the wedding, but I am sure it will be amazing!  They were Letterpress printed in two colours which also makes them extra sexy. Much fun project!! More please!!

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Andy Council Vs The Dead Sea Mob

Itchyosaur! New Special Ltd Edition print created for The Dead Sea Mob by the Mighty Andy Council – the crown prince of the Dinosaurs!

(He’s a bit like Richard Attenborough in Jusrasic Park.)

This banging print will only be available from King of Paint from 22nd July for the Asylum Harbour Live Drawing event!

Each print will be signed and numbered – so if you have got any brainballs left get yourselves down there on friday yeah!!!

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